Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is Getting So Embarrassing!!!!

Arthur went to the auction again!  They say llamas need to be in twos so he got another one!  Kinda embarrassing!  As a dairy farmer and beef farmer, you'd think he'd buy a cow!!  Actually this one is friendlier than Valentine and I don't really mind having llamas in my yard.  But what should we call it?  Any suggestions?  They called it "Obama Llama" but we would rather not keep that name!  We need a smaller halter as you can see.
We woke up to a nice cover of snow.  It was pretty if nothing else. Made the roads a bit slushy.

They had to check each other out.  The llamas don't spit at the horses, which are in their pen, but they do kick or even bite them if they get to bothering them. It seems to me the white one kinda protects the black one from the horses.

Okay, another thing Arthur loves to do at this particular auction is buy stuff from a seller of outdated food.  It's really really cheap but fun to get what he might have.  Today it was cases and cases of yogurt.  Not just any yogurt but the kinds we never would buy like White Chocolate Strawberry, Strawberry Mango, Key Lime, Pineapple, etc. Also got a box of bannanas, lots of Bounce, and a few other items.  Fun!  The kids are excited to eat all that yogurt which we froze and eat it frozen. 

We also had a busy day today with a bridal shower for my niece, which was very nice.  Also our church ladies / girls secret prayer pal reveal / exchange day.  I love knowing there is someone out there praying for me.  I also love praying for someone and looking for different ways to bless them and finding things to pray for them.  I always thought if our church didn't have a program like this, I would just pick someone and do it anyway.  Good idea for some of you girls out there. 

So, give us your ideas for a name for our new maze zoo addition.  I'd give a prize for the name chosen but you'll just have to settle for knowing it has the name you chose, if we choose one!

James 5:16
...pray for one another...


  1. Wow. And Mom thinks I'm crazy for wanting to bring a few measly puppies home once in awhile! For the record, I think it has a really pretty face.

    I think it's name should be Dolly. :) Dolly Llama....

    Mom votes Nacho. "Hey, dat's Nacho Llama!"

  2. Another llama!! : ) Victor suggests Be-my. That way you have Be-my Valentine. :) Have fun with all the animals!

  3. We vote Easter, since this one was gotten near Easter.
    Amos asked me to guess what Dad bought at the auction today, and I said, "Another llama!" As a joke of course. Then Amos told me, "That's right!" I was shocked! And thought that it was hilarious.

  4. HA! I was going to suggest Cupid, but I like the other nes too. Easter could be dangerous because you might end up with St. Patrick, Thanksgiving, Christmas and maybe even Mother's Day.

  5. Fun!

    James suggests Sweet Heart!

    Mom suggests Truffle!

    The other names sound really fun too! Can't wait to hear what you decide! :)

  6. Since it's brown I thought maybe Cocoa would be fun:)

  7. Congrats on the new pet! We had a dusting of snow this morning too--actually more than a dusting. Way too late for that here! But thankfully, it's gone this afternoon.

  8. haha!!! I think the suggestions are hillarious! I have no suggestions 'cause I'm not all that funny, but VERY supportive!!!

    I DO love that one is white and one dark. They look beautiful together. . . as beautiful as dirty wet llamas can look anyway!!

  9. We had someone offer us a couple of llamas, but when I asked the rest of the family they said no! Our neighbors with sheep had one whose name was Toby. He died, and they now have another one but I don't think I heard his name. They sure are interesting animals!


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