Thursday, May 19, 2011

llama Burgers Anyone?

Nacho Llama is quite the pain and maybe should be on our plates!  The other day we moved some cattle in with the llamas and horses while moving cattle around to spring pastures.  Well, Nacho figures he's the head honcho and loves chasing the bulls around.  At the end of the video clip, you can see how the llamas treat each other.  When they get too close, they both stick their noses up in the air and put their ears back and turn their heads away from each other.  We think they look quite proud and vain.  Being close to the kitchen window, they give us quite the entertainment!

The fields are getting planted with this nice stretch of warm weather and the cows are being split up into different pastures.  I love seeing how excited they are to get out on fresh grass even though its not too long yet. Priscilla has her chicken hutch all cleaned and ready for new chicks and one lone tulip is blooming in my flowerbed.  Never could get tulips to grow good despite the many, many bags of bulbs I've planted over the years.  The mint is prolific in my herb garden and we can't wait for it to grow a little more to have ice tea that's not from bags. Silas is plugging away on a long list of farm projects that need to get done as well as spending a heap of time in the dairy barn.  Isaac cleaned the inside of his new barn.  He's busy planting for another farmer but his summer project is to get his barn fixed, sided, and some fencing done.  Despite the many people around the community who think Isaac's getting married because he bought this place, thought you'd like to know, no, he's not!  Hosanna and Priscilla are counting down the days till the Bible Bee boxes arrive in the mail.  Miriam has started the never-ending summer job of mowing our lawn.  So, spring seems to really be here.

Have a great day enjoying the beautiful life God has given us!

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  1. Blessed!
    We are still waiting for spring in these parts!


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