Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tractors and Dandelions

Arthur thought you would like to see a picture of him rolling a soybean field.  After planting the soybeans they roll the field with these very large rollers which makes it much easier in the fall to harvest the soybeans.  With the nice weather the guys got a lot of the planting done and so it's nice to see the end in sight. (The bales in the back are the neighbors.   We try to put ours away in the fall!)

The girls and I were looking at the abundance of dandelions in our yard and decided to do something about them.

Priscilla made some dandelion fritters.  They were really good and tasted kinda like doughnuts with the cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top.

Then I made a few jars of dandelion jelly.  It's kinda pretty and tastes like, like, like dandelion jelly! 

While in the yard I noticed the burning nettles in my raspberries.  I got out one of Isaac's outdoor books and found a recipe called, "Lemon Garlic Nettles".  We were all a little skeptical but it was really good!  We'll make it again sometime.

God is good to provide so many things for us to enjoy!  Things that most people use tons and tons of weed killer on every year.  Well, we don't like them in our fields or yard either, but it's nice to know they are good for something, and will try to think of more ways to use what God has naturally provided for us. 

Hosanna has been going over VBS songs.  I love hearing them playing and having such good things going through my head all day.  By the way, VBS at our church is June 6-10 if anyone wants to come!  Well, Arthur just came in so I need to go.  Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!!


  1. All those uses for dandelions are pretty neat- I never would have thought of them! In Pennsylvania Dutch country, they make a special hot bacon salad dressing to put on dandelion greens in spring. But, you have to get the greens young or its rather bitter. Dandelions are also excellent herbs for upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis. You can use the fresh or dried leaf or root. Its so amazing how God provides medicines in all the growing things He made! I always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for posting. Maybe we'll get to meet again someday. Take care!

  2. I had NO idea!!!!
    You can really eat Dandelions?

    I'm speachless.

  3. Good for you guys! Looking forward to seeing you :)

  4. Dandelion jelly... Wow. It sounds so strange I just have to try it! :)

  5. So, I just made 9 jars of dandelion jelly using this recipe.

    DELICIOUS!!!!! Yummm! It reminded us of honey. I now have enough dandelion petals sitting on the table to make another quadruple batch. Abby, Joshua and Libby are great helpers. I also tried the violet recipe on this site. WOW! We liked that as much or better than the dandelion. Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  6. My family and I smiled when we saw the first picture on this post... Your tractor looks so very much like our big tractor. :)

    I've heard of dandelion jelly, but have never tasted it. Sounds interesting!

  7. I love the idea of eating things like dandelions and nettles...I'm just so scared I'll pick something poison! The Lord bless you all!


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