Thursday, May 26, 2011

Petunia Planting

Around 13, 508 Petunia plants!

1 1/2 miles!

Lots of hard work. Thanks for the steamers on a cool day, Aunty Kim!


Two semi's loaded with the flowers.

Isaac marks holes about 8" apart.

Waving to passerbys.

Nine colors - White, Hoola Hoop Blue, Red, Yellow, Plum, Burgandy, Pink, Strawberry, Red Frost.

Giant game of leapfrog - after you've planted your set of four.

One guy full time picking up garbage.

Hosanna and Karen arranged the flower design and helped plant some as well.

Long day.  Tired People. Need sleep.


  1. You are very energetic and dedicated! I helped our pastor's wife plant a few trays of begonias at the church--nothing compared to your project!

  2. You have blogged about the planting before - now yo uneed to blog about the beauty and completion in a few weeks when they've spread and filled out! I think it would be a lovely sight to see!

  3. I Always go to your blog each day to see if you have added anything. The kids enjoy it to. Wish we could plant flowers today. It is 30 degrees outside. Have a great day! Gayle

  4. Wow, you are so much farther ahead weather-wise than we are! Hopefully it will warm up next week. The petunias will look so nice.

    Are you heading to Prairie Days in June?

  5. Thanks for the pictures. The girls tell us about it, but it is fun to see what they have done.

  6. What is the guy in orange doing? Did you have to feed him, too?

  7. Now THAT is a lot of flowers! What a beautiful thing it is to make the world a lovlier place to live in. :)



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