Friday, June 10, 2011

Catch -Up Post

Last weekend was my niece's wedding.  They make such a sweet couple!

We helped a lot with the decorating and food, including serving.  The church my sister and her family goes to had quite a few of their rafters break this winter from the heavy snow.  It wasn't fixed yet so they had the wedding at another church and the reception at our local arena.  It actually worked really nice and was quite big and had lots of kitchen room.  Here's Miriam giving Aaron some punch.  It's Banana Brunch Punch, even though it was evening, and is the best punch I have ever tasted and we make it for all kinds of family events.

Naomi, with her sisters' help, made 250+ petit fours.  They were very beautiful and lots of work!  The rest of the food, appetizers, were really good too.

Well, VBS was this week.  We had a total of 75 children and about 38 workers.  I have to say that it was the best VBS I think we've ever had!  Everyone was so good and we didn't have any problems, at all!  Plus, at least five children that I know of got saved, maybe more. 

We made mini scrapbooks for a craft with pages with the verses printed on, a missionary page, a prayer page, autograph pages (which the children really loved), and a few others including some pictures for them.  We got one nice one of each child plus team pictures and skits.  I thought you'd like to see some of our favorite individual pictures.  This is my nephew Matthew looking like a real cool cowboy.

This is Stephen, a boy from our church.  This picture captures his personality so good!

Then, for those of the J. family's friends out east, here's Mr. J. in his finest!

We had a theme skit and Miriam and her cousin Reuben were Snidley and Jane, the bad guys.  Yes, they ended up in jail, got saved, and went home to their mother who was praying for them. 

Rebekah and I took some time to make some "Mosquito-Be-Gone" with a recipe from some friends down in Illinois.  I think it works.  My kids think it smells so bad that we might keep eveyone away!  It's really not that bad, and certainly not worse than store bug spray.  I kinda like the smell!

The 2011 Bible Bee boxes arrived with the verses and study book.  Hosanna and Priscilla are really excited!

It's been a cold week.  One day it was 40 degrees warmer in southern Minnesota compared to up here!  They were all breaking heat records and here we were in the 50's.  Oh well, the cows love it cool and I do like the cold better.  I guess the corn could use some heat but the long range forcast isn't very promising.

Isaac says the fishing is good.

The garden is up and growing, a little anyway.

I'm tired!  It's been a long two weeks so I better get to bed.  Have a wonderful evening enjoying God's blessings!


  1. Wonderful news about VBS! The Banana Punch sounds really good. Could you send me the recipe?

  2. Havent been to your blog in awhile. It's good to catch up. You've been busy!

    Hers an updated link for our blog....


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