Saturday, June 25, 2011


We've been working on maze things this week.  It's quite overwhelming.  Arthur and I have spent a lot of time praying about the maze and our vision of having it give God glory.  The more we pray about it, the more helpless and insignificant we feel.  Anyone else ever feel that way?  I guess it's the realization that it is too much for us and only with God right in the center will it get done.  I also realize how little faith I have and that is humbling. 

Arthur traded some hay bales for some work this week on "The Granary".  The windows are all in which makes it so bright inside.  Also the bad boards on the bottom have been replaced.  The guys already have plans for the store when it fails, (Talk about little faith!), they want to make it into a hunting cabin!  It would make a cool cabin, but not just yet!  Maybe I should paint it pink!

Well, we have two special celebrations tomorrow in our family.  We are celebrating my in-laws 50th anniversary.  Congratulations!!  Having a marraige last 50 years in this time of history is really something to celebrate!  Arthur's sisters and I are having an open house at church tomorrow afternoon and everyone is invited from Noon - 3 PM.  It's also Miriam's 20th birthday tomorrow!  Happy birthday, Miriam!  We love you and appreciate all you do and your good attitude!  You are a wonderful young lady and we are so thankful you have a heart for God and a desire to learn His Word.  Have a great day!


  1. It may not be noticed bymany, but I have come more to a point in my life where I have realized that certail lifestyles can bring you closer to God. There are basics that I have been taught as a child that I know and believe but there is so much more at times. One of these is the way YOU live. To work the earth, does amazing things to bring one closer to God. Many times the "simpler" things bring us close to God. Not saying that farming is simple at all, when it comes to all of the work and planning that needs to be done, but it is simpler in a way where we let God control more of our hopeful outcomes, rather than paying money to get it, like we do so often in city and suburb life. To see things grow, to see things die, to see things as the "lillies of the field" is truly a more sinple and pure way of life, only because it gives more possibilities of reliance on God.
    Now I've rambled so much, I forgot the point of it all!!!!
    Sure love your work and projects! Thankyou for keeping this blog. OH- That's it! I remember now. I would love to know someone personally that lives and works how you do, I would honestly pay to take a vacation to stay a while and learn the many things you seem to know by nature! I would work to know the things you know!!!
    Thanks again!

  2. I love the pink paint idea :)
    Wish we could be there to celebrate the anniversary and Miriam's birthday tomorrow (happy birthday Miriam!!) but we've been pretty sick this week. Hope it all goes well. :)
    God bless!
    Cara for the C family

  3. Like my daughter, I love the pink idea...although, that shot of the granary is begging for a happy face!
    :) I won't be able to make the anniversary celebration either :( Say hi to all and congratulations for me. JNC

  4. I really enjoyed the first comment. We too, are living by faith (is there any other way?) since resigning the pastorate in January. I can sympathize with your need of God's direction about the maze and everything looking rather "big." However, I can also testify to God's faithfulness and His ability to speak and direct if WE are listening. We have had huge accomplishments at this time of our lives when in the natural most worldly resources are severly limited. We've been able to buy more acreage and comtemplate plans for our future, witness to more people than we ever could have before, enjoy a new church, make new friends, and like the first commenter alluded, we are living simply enough to have to totally depend on God. It's really a great blessing. Take heart in serving the God who is real and who speaks to His children to direct their paths and accomplish His purposes in the earth!

  5. Thank you all for your comments! They are so encouraging!

  6. I'm sure that the maze will turn out great! Let me know if you need help, since I still do not have a job!!


  7. Oh yes, I love the pink idea! I'm sure Arthur would just love it too. You could call it Valentine Cottage :-)

    About the Maze--It's funny, I have read your blog long enough to know that you feel overwhelmed everyyear in the begining, exhausted at the end and very happy you did it.

    You will be glad you did it. Go back to some of your orginial ideas of giving your boys a chance to earn becausefamrs are expensive, your children a chance to engage with and witness to the public, and to keep it going until the Inion family finally comes :-) kay, you can strike the last sentence.

    Blessings, I am praying or you today.


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