Monday, July 4, 2011

The Last Week

It's been a busy week.  Last Sunday was Miriam's birthday and one of the things she got was a Tracfone.  I'm glad, she's always borrowing mine!

It was also my in-laws 50th anniversary and Hosanna made a few beautiful cakes.

They don't look like they've been married 50 years!  Lord-willing they will have many more!

This lady, a double cousin of my father-in-law, was captured in WWII by trickery and was forced to work for the Germans.  She has quite the story to tell and she met her husband over there who was in the US military.  Anyway, we enjoyed the fellowship at the 50th.

Yeah!  We got our maze cut!  After being sick for two days I finally dragged myself out to the field and marked trails for Arthur to cut.  It's called "Mystery Castle" and I sure hope it looks like a castle from the sky!

Scrap metal is worth a lot these days and so Arthur and his dad had a guy come in and crush a bunch of old equipment for scrap metal.  You could hear this rock falling on the metal all over the farm.

Then today is the 4th of course.  We had a get together with my family on Saturday and then Arthur's side today.  Aren't these little nieces cute all dressed in red, white, and blue?!

Jeriah was really intent on getting all the watermelon eaten. 

We did a maze float and so Priscilla, Silas, and their cousins and friends helped by passing out over a 1,000 maze advertizing cards.

And here it is going down the street.

Little Daniel in the striped shirt enjoyed seeing all the trucks and snowmobiles.

It also didn't take long for him to figure out how to get candy.  They throw so much candy and it seems like everyone felt sorry for this little boy and I think he ended up with more than anyone!

Aaron and Naomi also had a church float and passed out tracts.

Also, Silas got his drivers permit.  It's also been really hot and about ready to storm so I better shut this off.  Have a great day of freedom!


  1. Our David figured out the candy bit also. He wanted to get it off the street by himself. If someone else got it and gave it to him, he would cry.

    Great job, Silas!!!!!

    Also, we saw Arthur's name on the academy's flyer as teacher. Is there something you're holding out on us?????

    I can't believe Jeriah is so big already!

  2. Yes, I forgot to tell about Arthur. Sorry, Shelly. Yes, he's teaching this fall and no, our kids aren't going. I wonder what else I'm forgetting?

  3. Yay! That's so exciting ya'll got your maze cut! :D We know what a relief it is to get that over with! Can't wait to see the arial photo! I bet it looks great!
    Love your float! We were in a parade yesterday too! Fun!

  4. Happy late birthday Miriam! No need to apologize Camille! I knew which grandson it was! : ) That pic was so funny because we have one of Daniel eating H2Omelon on the 4th too. What made Arthur decide to teach? Can't wait to see the arial photo! We did the parade with the P family yesterday and had a great time!! It sure felt strange not being up there for the 4th though. I pray that you all had a great time! Love you all! Shelly

  5. you need a summer time header picture. love your blog!!

  6. Oh, did you have to show cake???? I LOVE white cake with the good old fashioned decorator frosting. That cake was beautiful! It disappoints me when we go to a wedding, anniversary party or graduation and they opt to serve something for dessert in lieu of the traditional white cake! Corner pieces are the best--more frosting! Also hadn't heard others use the term "double cousin." It intrigued me since my next book, soon to be out, has "double cousins" in it! How neat! Sounds like the lady has quite a story! Blessings!

  7. Hey Camille Something seems to be missing in the photo of the float going down the street! : ) (a driver)
    Your photos are great! You do such a super job keeping your blog up to date!
    JoAnna and Esther thought it was super fun to share their candy with
    Daniel...and I certainly didn't mind!


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