Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp Bemadezewin (Means 'New Life')

Miriam here -
Isaac, Hosanna and I were up in Canada as counsellors / kitchen help / maintenance the last two weeks.  The camp is about an hour north of Kenora, Ontario.  It was hard to narrow down the pictures we took but here's a few of them.
These are Hosanna and I's cabin girls.  We had to get this picture for a scavenger hunt.

There were 28 girls the girls week.  Eight of them made professions of faith and it was so neat to see them grow throughout the week.  Most of the campers come from pretty bad families.  Some girls and some of the guys rejected salvation even though they knew why and how to get saved.  I have never seen such young girls so hard to the gospel. Isaac said it was like something out of a missionary story because of some of the stories these kids had. 

It was pretty country.  The camp is located on a small lake.  There are tons of lakes and lots of rocks.

Tube tug was one of the kids favorite games.

We did a lot of canoeing including having canoe tug of war.

Cooking was a challenge as the camp has no electricity or plumbing.  We used lake water, boiled, and with bleach for doing dishes and drank water brought in. It was good food.

The tables we ate at were all on a deck.  The guys week Hosanna and I helped in the kitchen.  Some people couldn't tell us apart.

One day we took a half hour canoe ride to the other side of the lake.  We had different camp speakers come in.  The girls week they spoke on creation and the guys week they spoke on Ephesians.  We did devotions with the girls in the cabin in the evening.  One night a bear visited the camp and looked in one of the cabin windows.  Thankfully not ours!

Just having fun with Isaac on the bottom.  It was part of the guys scavenger hunt.

Isaac with his cabin of guys. Some were already saved before they came and by the end of the week each of them was able to share a testimony of salvation.

Isaac did a lot of the filleting of the fish.  (Did I spell that right, Isaac?) Whatever the kids caught we ate at meal time.

We really enjoyed our time there and being able to work with the kids.  Please pray for these kids as they are going back to hard situations, broken families, medicine men, and such like.


  1. Great post Miriam! Enjoyed reading and hearing about your adventures.

  2. Very nice pictures, interesting post. I went to a "Pioneer Camp" once that I was reminded of when I saw the pictures, especially the dining hall!


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