Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great News!

Great news for homeschoolers in Minnesota that is! For those not from MN, there has been a government shutdown for the last couple of weeks in our state because of not being able to settle on a budget.  Well, they solved their differences and went back to work today.  As part of the budget negotiations, they passed an education bill that is great news for homeschoolers in our state!  This bill will bring us from being one of the worst states to homeschool in to one of the best. 

We did a maze float in the county fair parade.  It was really hot but the workers did great!  They're the ones in the orange shirts if there is any question of who they are :)

Alltogether I think we had 10 people passing out flyers.  Our favorite comment was one Arthur heard.  It was a young boy and he said, "I want to go to the corn maze right now!". 

Jeshua out helping Arthur today over at the maze.

The "Pickin' Patch" is looking really good!  Our pumpkin man does a great job of growing nice big ones.

This is the ark in the distance.  If you look really close, Arthur is by the door working.  The front isn't done yet, but when it comes time to paint, it isn't going to be easy!

One thing this heat has been really good for is growing corn. 
The fair has been going good.  I think they've shared the gospel with over 150 kids and had a number of them get saved.  Quite a few adults listen as well. 
Have a great evening in the Lord!


  1. Praise the Lord!! Is the Gov. going to sign it this time, or is he going to veto it again? Love and miss you all! Shelly

  2. It's already signed, Shelly! Not too long ago both the house and senate passed it but the governor vetoed it. Missing you guys too!

  3. I didn't realize this was a bad state to homeschool in . What was signed that makes it better?

  4. Linda, these were the original changes in the bill that the governor vetoed. HSLDA says most of the following were included but I'm not sure which ones weren't.

    1.Limit annual notification reporting to one-time reporting when a family starts homeschooling, or when they move; subsequent renewals would be a simple letter of “intent to continue” with any updated information.
    2. Give students the option to take a nationally recognized college entrance exam in lieu of a standardized achievement test;
    2. Eliminate the requirement that parents obtain additional evaluation of a student's abilities should the student scores below the 30th percentile;
    4. Eliminates annual visit by superintendent; (I know they don't do this around here anyway, but they are free to if they choose)
    5. Eliminate the requirement that parents submit an annual instructional calendar;
    6. Eliminate the requirement that parents without certain qualifications submit quarterly reports;
    7. Require parents to simply maintain (vs. make available) documentation that the student is being taught the required subjects;
    8. Allow a parent to certify that a student is presently engaged in home education for the purposes of taking home-classroom driver training;
    9. Allow the person in charge of providing instruction in a homeschool to issue an employment certificate;
    10. Limit immunization reporting requirements to only the first year of homeschooling and the 7th grade year;

    This bill also had some what we thought were good public school things such as: if a child can't read after the third grade, they need to repeat third grade and not just get pushed on. Let smarter students graduate early and apply the money saved toward their college. Makes it easy for schools to get rid of bad teachers.

    I'm sure we'll hear more as it comes out.

  5. Thanks for keeping us up to date on these things. I thought MN was much easier than PA to homeschool in, but these changes make it even better.

  6. Congrats on the new freedom in homeschooling. Keep up the good work.


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