Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy birthday, Silas!

Okay, I'm a little late, but yesterday, July 17th was Silas' 17th birthday.  We're excited about what God has planned for your life, Silas, and appreciate all that you do on the farm and your good attitude.  Hope you had a great day!  Silas got a nice Canon camera for his birthday and I told him, if you don't do anything else, I need a new header photo!  Well, it was quite sunny when I told him and the cows didn't want to go out on pasture seeing it's so hot out, but at least you won't be reminded that winter is just around the corner!!! I'm sure if you look really close there must be heat waves in the picture! New profile pictures are next!

I knew Silas would enjoy the special features on his camera and this one he took with a colored filter.  Anyway, Arthur took Silas out fishing early this morning before it got hot out.  I guess we're surviving the heat but it is hard on the cows.  I never thought 80 would feel cool, but it just might after this heat wave! I guess I get overheated when it hits 70 so I'm not a very good judge of heat.

It's fair week.  That means Priscilla will be busy with the church tent.  We're missing the kids and look forward to them getting home this weekend.  Made some raspberry jam today and some delicious mint jelly that I've never made before.  Yes, it's to sell at the maze.

Well, have a great evening, and if you visit the County Fair, stop by our church tent and say hello!  You can pray too for lots of seeds to be planted and for people to get saved.  We'll be doing a maze float again for the fair parade tomorrow so if anyone wants to pray that our wonderful maze workers won't faint in the heat as they pass out maze cards, that would be great as well!


  1. Happy Birthday Silas!! Hope to see you all sometime soon! :) I like the new blog look too. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Silas!! Great pictures with that new camera! It's really hot down here, 97 and 98's, with real high humidity. Feels like around 111 - 117. Praise the Lord we have air conditioning! We will be praying that your heat wave won't be lasting as long as ours! Love and miss you all!

  3. Your site looks awesome!!!

  4. Happy late birthday Silas!

  5. Well we are much later than you Camille...shame on us. Hoping you had a VERY Happy Birthday Silas and praying the LORD will richly bless your new year of life. Your friendship is such a blessing to our family though it seems soooooooooo long since we got to spend time with you. Hoping that will change soon. We love you and admire you. Mrs. P and family It is so hard to go do work at the maze in this heat - I hope we will get it all done in time. The kids are doing a big youth outreach this week in the heat - a lot of canvasing each afternoon and preaching and games in evening. Love U

  6. I always love to hear what is going on at your place. Lots of blessings!!!


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