Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lots of Things Going On

After what seemed like hours of picking raspberries, things got rough, and a raspberry fight broke out.  They never did tell me who got the idea.

Not many things sweeter than seeing your grandchildren playing together!

The maze yard really needed mowing and Priscilla obliged. 

Hosanna helped me give the concession / admissions stand a new coat of paint.

Hosanna and Priscilla also helped paint the granary.

We had the fun of going to Sam's Club to stock up on maze stuff.  This is the stuff that didn't fit in the pantry.  It was almost embarrasing with a flatbed cart loaded with candy! 

The guys had their "Deserted Island Bible Camp"last week.  It's really tough to get the guys to stand still long enough for a picture when they really want to get going.  No break downs this year and the boats worked without major trouble.  Yes, there were quite a few bruises and cuts and poison ivy but that is to be expected!

I was really relived to have the J. family take care of the food this year.  The guys assured me it was very good and that Bob is a great cook.

It's really pretty out on the lake.  These guys were headed out to get fresh water.

And such gorgeous sunsets!

Lots of visiting, games, eating, sleeping,

and having devotions.  The "staff" guys all shared quite a few times as well as Evangelist Crowe.

Another nice sunset.

You can't have a campout in Minnesota with tons of mosquitos!  I guess Silas just shot with his flash in the dark and they showed up.  This isn't Silas's camera but Miriams.

And I thought this was a nice picture of some of the younger guys.

Have a great evening!

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  1. I think the granary is looking great! I'd like to open a little farm type store--hope it goes well for you!


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