Saturday, August 13, 2011

Up in the Air

Arthur and Silas finally got a chance to go up and get an arial photo of the corn maze.  Taking pictures along the way, this is a picture of our lake that the guys fish in.  You can see a few boats out there if you look hard.

Over by Zipple Bay you can see a sand bar under the water and the dropoff.  We thought it was kinda a neat photo.

Amos and Rebekah are painting the ark for us.  Thank you both!!!!!  Jeshua helped some one day too.  If there's any other people out there who have nothing to do this week and are strong and willing to work, head on over!  We sure can use the help with one week left before maze day!  I'm serious!

Silas up in the plane.  He loves going up and liked how adventuresome the pilot was.  It was hard finding a pilot.  They said since 9-11 most all the private pilots have quit flying.   As for the actual maze picture, well, well, I must've had the map upsidedown when we cut it or something because we made a few mistakes.  With a little, okay, maybe more than a little work, we can fix it in the field and then I'll post an accurate photo the way it really should look! Well, we can't fix all the mistakes we made but it still looks like it's suppose to anyway!

My father-in-law and nephew Matthew were working on getting a few grain bins ready for cement.  Always something going on.  It is nice having more space for grain, especially since I took the wooden grain bin off their hands. ;)

Silas found this snapping turtle.   Pretty scary guy.  If you double click on the picture you can see him, or her, real close up.

With how busy we've been, and will be, I often think, we can't do this!  It's true, we can't.  At least not without God's help.  I always need to remind myself that whatever we do, we only do it because of God's grace, mercy, and love.  Also a good reminder that what we can't do, it's probably because God doesn't want us to!

John 15:5
I am the vine, ye are the branches; He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without me ye can do nothing.


  1. Your ark looks like the "real" one I picture from the Bible--not a bottom-rounded boat. :)

  2. Nice shirt Silas. Looks a little familiar. :-)
    I'd love to come and help out with the maze, if only we lived a little bit closer... :-)

    Andrew B.

  3. Can't wait to see it in person next weekend!!! :)

  4. Thanks, Shelly, all it needs is a window! Andrew, you all are welcome any time! There's always work to do and lot of fun to be had! Rachel, do you know what time you all plan on getting here? I'm assuming you'll travel with the others. We're really glad you're coming up, especially Naomi!

  5. I'm not sure yet...Mom can't leave until Jonathan gets off work and Dad has to be picked up in GF so it might be kinda late...we might leave before them just so we're not driving so late! :)


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