Thursday, September 1, 2011

Congratulations, Thank You!

First of all, Congratulation, Hosanna, on advancing to the National Bible Bee!  In fact, the entire local group did really good even though all the scores we're quite high enough.  This means a trip to Nashville in November, which also means visiting Naomi and Aaron!!! 

Also, I just wanted to thank all those that answered our plea for help on getting the maze ready to open a couple of weeks ago.  There's no way we could've done it without those of you that helped.  Thank You!!!!!

If any of you prayed for rain for us, we got it!!  There's been so many times they've forecasted rain in the last month, even up to 60-70 percent chance and we still didn't get it but this week we've had a couple really nice soaking rains.  One was during a large group that came out to the maze.  They were good sports and brought umbrellas and rubber boots and had a good time anyway. 

On another note, Isaac has been spreading manure with the help of two very helpful cousins of his.  Would you believe that they struck ice in the manure pile!!  It's August and there was still ice buried under some of it!  No, we don't live so far north that it's permafrost either!  Not sure if the rain will slow them down today.

Have a great day enjoying God's blessings! And pray for Aaron and Naomi and their move tomorrow.  It's a long way to go with a large moving truck, their truck and van.


  1. Congratulations, Hosanna! Great Job!

  2. Great Job Hosanna!! I'm so glad for you. I'm also very grateful for the rain. God is so Good!

  3. Congrats on making the cut for Nationals Hosanna!!!
    Grace and Melody made it as well!!!
    See you in Nashville!!!!!

  4. Congratulations Hosanna!
    Hi to Priscilla! ;) Our maze is picking up. We're gald to see ya'lls seems to be doing great! We all REALLY wish we could come up and try it and help out! :( It looks like so much fun!

  5. Congratulations Hosanna! It would be fun to be in Nahville with you all! Praying for Naomi and family as they move. Thanks for your blog. We enjoy keeping up with you all. The Granary looks great!Love, the Compton famliy

  6. Congratulations, Hosanna!!! Please let us know the dates and if there is room for visitors. If possible would love to see you all when you come to Nashville!!! We are only 30 min. away. Will be praying for you as you continue studying!


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