Thursday, September 22, 2011


Miriam picked what was left of the peppers and has been cutting some of them up for freezing.  I've never had such good peppers as this summer.  Since Miriam has been doing a good share of our canning, and since she was tired of plain old salsa, she took lots and lots of hot peppers and made "Super Salsa" that I doubt any of us will want to eat!  We'll get it out when we suffer from colds this winter!
The guys finished harvesting the flax and along with that comes baling flax straw.  We sell a lot of  it for people to bank their houses and septic systems for the winter.  It was a bumper crop and some of you might remember our old flax bale mazes.  Well, Arthur decided we should build one over at the corn maze, so we did.  It's not nearly as big as the ones we built in our horse pen, but it's kinda fun anyway and is a neat new attraction.  We got some rain so the rest of the straw will have to wait.

School is going good for Arthur, and his students. We miss having him around.   Isaac has turned his thoughts to bow hunting deer and getting supplies in order to finish barn repairs on his barn and to side it in barn red tin.  Miriam is keeping the house going while I keep the maze going.  Hosanna is working hard on her Bible memory for the Bible Bee.  Silas and Priscilla are in the grind of doing school again.  It's hard to believe we are down to two left in school.  Our married children are doing great and raising some really fun kids!  My how the years have flown! I'm sure when we get to heaven, this time here on earth will quickly be forgotten and it will just seem like a little blip in time.  How important it is that we use what little time we have, in light of eternity, to serve God and bring Him glory.

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  1. Miss you all! We want to see pictures of the flax straw maze sometime...Have a great week!


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