Monday, September 26, 2011

You Wanted People, Naomi!

 Naomi said she'd like more pictures with people.  Okay, you asked for it!  I really don't have many of us or the farm because the maze is keeping us quite busy.  I do have pictures though with lots of maze people on them so here we go.  This week we decided to do a couple of games,  one of which was a "Needle in a Haystack" hunt.  There were about 30 kids all looking for candy and little "stuff" hidden in the straw.  It was really fun watching them!  We also did a corncob toss which went over really good.
 Okay, the people are in the background, but what I wanted Naomi to notice is, if you look really carefully, you can see cars and cars, all the way down the gravel road pretty near to the highway!  We've hardly ever had anyone park outside of the parking lot because it was so busy, but this Saturday, it was busy, and so there were lots of people, Naomi!  In the background you can kinda see Silas and Priscilla grilling burgers at the edge of the cornfield.
 Another place you can always find people is at the admissions / concession stand.  We get lots of people that just hang out there and visit with the workers, especially the kids.  We like it.  The more they hang out the more they buy ;)  Actually, I think they like the attention from our sweet workers!
 Okay, no people on this one but I wanted Naomi to see the straw bale maze in the background.
We've had some gorgeous sunsets to watch while at the maze.

Thanks, Naomi, for letting me have some fun at your expense!  Remember I love you!  

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  1. Beautiful sunset!! Praise the Lord for His blessings of many people! Love and miss you all!


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