Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yes, it's Saturday.  I don't have any interesting pictures but I thought I'd ramble a little.  Isaac and Jonathan are working on the "Hunter's Service" tomorrow night.  Everyone is welcome.  7:00.   I had some fun today.  I cleaned our bedroom closets, my dressar, and rearranged the furniture some.  Hosanna made some cakes for a wedding.  Priscilla has her nose in the book "Monster".  Isaac is home for good from beet harvest.  And the fall work continues.  We did have some white stuff this week but nothing that stayed on the ground.  It was pretty and makes me kinda excited for the outdoor work to be done and to have more inside days.  We enjoyed having Rebekah's family here.  I guess that's about it.  Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow and if you think of it, pray for peace for Israel, and that, in the turmoil in this world, that many would come to Christ. 

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