Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hunting Season

Today is opening deer season.  Isaac came in about 11:00 with a nice six point buck.  It would've been an eight but two tines were broke off.  Anyway, it's a nice deer. 

One thing I've been enjoying lately is watching the chicken stratch around the fallen leaves for bugs. 

We watched the grandsons last night and Hosanna and Miriam taught the older two how to play this fishing game.  It was so fun watching Daniel as he decided to pretend to eat them as he caught them. 
Last week Hosanna made a few cakes for a small wedding reception.  They didn't want a wedding cake and wanted it really simple.  Very nice, Hosanna.  The picture makes it look a little distored but it really wasn't.

I'm so thankful for meat for the freezer and for how God provides.  Bear and llama meat are okay, but venison is soooo good!


  1. That cake looked nice! :)

    And I envy you your venison - and your laama and bear! I should so much love to eat off the land like that. :) (We have no hunters in our family :( )

    May Jesus be with you all!

  2. I love to watch my chickens too!


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