Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a Cow Day

Today is hopefully the last time our cows need to be tested for TB.  Our area is "officially" TB free, but they're still making the farmers test one last time.  We'll be glad when this is over!  It is a good time to pregnancy check, vaccinate, delouse, separate or whatever else needs to be done since every head goes through the chute. Well, the calves don't get tested.  After today, the vets come back one more time to "read" the results.  Then maybe we can think about shipping while the prices are still high.

If you look at the photo, you will notice there is very little snow and even some green grass!  It's not very often that snow actually melts this time of year!  I don't know how you southerners do it, but it makes it really hard to get in Christmas mode!  Isaac said the Bulldog is frozen behind our barn though so it's not too warm!  I'm not complaining.  Really.

Ask God what you can do for Him today!


  1. That is a lovely post... The Lord Jesus is so very Good. I do love Him so.

    We've had the goat's TB tested... I wish we lived in a TB free area. But thankfully the goats aren't as hard to control, or manipulate... since we don't have a chute. Maybe someday.

    It a little easier, it seems, the second time around... at least there aren't any needles involved that time!

    Do your cows get Brucellosis testing too? Our goats get tested for that at the same time, and we usually do it twice a year. since we use the milk raw.

    Thanks for the lovely post. May Jesus bless you all.

  2. We had a "Cow day" too, or rather, a calf day... :)


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