Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Bible Bee!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  We have so much to be thankful for! 
I have a little time this morning so I thought I'd share about the Bible Bee.

On the way down to Nashville we stopped at the P. house.  Thank you so much for your hospitality, Jill and family!    We're so thankful for all the fun, food, fellowship and laughter we shared!!  ON the way home we stayed at Rebekah's parents place.  We're thankful for them, their children, and the good fellowship we have!

If you look close, you can see Hosanna coming out of the testing room.  Talk about high stress for both the contestants and their parents!  Out of the 100 contestants in each age category, fifteen go on to semi-finals.  Hosanna was not one of those but we know she did her best and are so thankful that she even got to go!  

Each contestant goes on stage and receive's a ribbon.  

Kirk Cameron was one of the speakers.  I'm sorry my camera didn't do a very good job taking pictures in this large building.  Anyway, we did get to talk to him, a little anyway.  

Who are these guys?  Well, we don't watch veggie tales but everyone knows who Bob and Larry are!  Esther wasn't too sure what to think.

They had a few "400 years of the KJV Bible" birthday parties.  We're sure thankful for the KJV Bible that we use!

Hosanna, along with her sisters, learned so much through the Bible Bee.  I guess next year it will be way, way, way easier so everyone should be able to learn all the verses.  We are so thankful for your sweet spirit, Hosanna, and good attitude.   You are very special! (She actually reviewed her verses on the way home so she wouldn't forget them!)

One thing that made the Bible Bee so fun was meeting friends.  The M. family,  who's blog is on our sidebar, were there and it was just like the girls had always known each other.  We also had time to visit Teresa G. and her son, which we really enjoyed.  And of course, Aaron and Naomi came to most of the Bee and we went to their place a couple of times.
thankful for our friends!

We went to a picnic luncheon with Bill Gothard and Tim Harmon speaking.  

Quite the picnic isn't it!

There were a lot of workshops going on and one I went to was on facepainting.   The lady and her husband do kinda like our church does at the fair, and shares the gospel with the kids as they facepaint.  

Sweet little Esther!  We're thankful for our grandchildren!

We were thrilled that Kari E. won first place!  Congratulations!!!!  We know of  Kari because she goes to  the H. family's church down South Dakota way.  

We really enjoyed all the music at the Bee.  The M. family played a couple of times, as did a few other families.  They also had an awesome choir and orchestra that played for the opening ceremony.

Overall, we had a fantastic time at the Bible Bee.  After three years of going Hosanna had made a lot of friends that were also there so that made it special for her.  The night before we left it was 67 degrees in Nashville.  The night we got home it was like 17 degrees and snow on the ground!  50 degrees different!  I'm
thankful for our weather though as I feel much better with cold than heat.

The guys fared pretty good when we were gone.  Isaac celebrated his 22nd birthday. We're
thankful for you, Isaac, and the man of God that you are!  May God bless you and give you another blessed year.   They hunted and Silas got his second deer for the season.  They made apple pies for our church's Thankgiving potluck last Sunday.  They saved us some and it was good!

Have a great day being
thankful for all the blessings God has bestowed on us!


  1. It was a wonderful time at the Bible Bee, and our family was very THANKFUL to be able to have met you guys in person finally!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you all are having a very blessed day! We really enjoyed getting to see you and look forward to more times to visit together!!!

  3. Good job Hosanna!!! You are DEFINITELY a can you lose when you walk away with so much scripture in your heart?! :) And we are SOOOOOOO happy for Kari too!! I haven't seen her since they got home, but I can't wait to give her a hug and tell her how thrilled we are for her.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Krahn family!
    I really enjoyed all the pictures in this post and reading about your family times... :) It is fun to watch your family grow!
    Great job, Hosanna on all the memory work you do!
    Great job to the guys for making pies too! :)
    Have a great rest-of-the-Autumn,

  5. Jon - for some reason your comment hasn't appeared even though we got it by email. Thanks for being THANKFUL :)

  6. It was great to see you at the Bible Bee! Missed you on Thanksgiving, but it's only a few weeks 'till Christmas :)


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