Monday, January 16, 2012

Libarary Time

I've been proofreading some things for our church library and these are some books the kids will love.  Maybe it's me, I've always enjoyed a good mystery, but these are really fun books about a boy detective who helps his uncle solve mysteries.  His uncle lives next door to Sherlock Holmes who is involved in the stories as well.  Found them deep in the pages of the CBD online catalog. 

You probably recognize these.  They are part of a series by Dr. David Menton called "Body of Evidence".  These are so good!  The first couple were a little deep because he is going over cell structure and so forth.  But keep watching them!  They get really interesting when he gets into studying the actual parts of the body.  I bought these for Silas to watch as part of a physiology class. (One of my favorite classes when I went to school so all my kids are subjected to it!)  As he watched them, the other family members would often stop what they were doing and watch as well.  They are fasinating and he continually points out how it just couldn't happen by chance.  If there are any drawbacks to the DVD's, it would be that he could have easily made it into a 40 DVD set or something!  Dr. Menton has to go pretty fast to get it all in and I think a person would benefit from going over it a little slower.  Probably watching them several times would work as well.  The workbook that goes with it is probably geared toward your highschool students or advanced jr. highers.

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