Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today's Tea Party

We went to our local "Tea Party" today.  I'm afraid I get quite excited about political things.  I think it comes from years ago when I was a girl.  My Canadian relatives would come down or we'd go up and, wow, can they ever get excited about what's going on, both up there and down here.  And they aren't all on the same side so it is quite entertaining.  I always enjoyed it.  I would give "campaign" speeches to my family to their amusment. (I was young!) As I got older, I realized not just the fun part, but the need to get involved. 

This is Dan "Doc" Serverson.  He's running for US Senate against Amy Klobuchar.  He is a good man and stands for the right things. 

This is Lee Byberg who is running for US House against Collin Peterson.  This is always an interesting race.  Peterson is a Bluedog democrat and votes right on so many things that makes him hard to beat.  However, he does vote on a number of critical things, expecially financial things, the wrong way.  We truly hope Byberg will win this race.  However, what he said was true about the only real way to change our country back to what it should be is for Americans to be moral.  An immoral people cannot live with freedom. 

Sometimes this country and the news can get depressing.  However, if every little town like ours can turn out a roomfull of people who want to take America back, and every city several rooms, maybe there is hope. 

Take time to pray this weekend about how to best reach out to others with the gospel.  That's where it all starts.


  1. Hey Krahns!

    So great that you are excited about political things! We are actually heavily involved with our local Tea Party as well! Check out our website (that I help maintain!) at
    Have you ever heard of the Student Statesmanship Institute? It's a Michigan mock legislative camp for teens that brings to life all "that boring government stuff!" Check them out at Our family has participated in SSI for the last 3 years and absolutely LOVE it! You can also check out some posts on our blog about SSI:
    Other good political-related posts on the blog (I'm sure you've seen some of them:) are tagged "political" or "Lansing."
    Well, that's my little plug for supporting folks learning about the political process! Hopefully we'll have something to cheer about this November!!!!


  2. That't the exact way I prayed this morning for our country, that we'd reclaim our morals and vision by turning to God. Only then can we govern ourselves well. I desire to see sweeping revival in this land and like you, enjoy watching politics, especially in the election years.


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