Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For the Beauty of the Earth

This last week we had some of the most beautiful weather you will ever have in these parts of the woods.  For several days we had fog with a gorgeous coating of frost on the trees.  It was sure pretty and even more pretty when the sun finally came out.  There's only about two - three inches of snow on the ground so the trees helped make it a little more winter like.  In this picture the frost had already started melting / falling off with a breeze.  A photo just can't capture it!

It was a real thick frost as you can see.  We went to a nearby town to shop a couple days last week and did we ever enjoy the long drive. (Hey, if you want good shopping around here, it is a long drive!  Especially if you want to go to Fleet Farm or Sam's Club!)  Silas took lots of great pictures but once again I am having trouble getting them downloaded.  Anyway, I think you get the idea of the beauty God bestowed upon us.  We've had some pretty nice temps to go with the scenery as well.  God is so good!


  1. What lovely pictures!!! We also had a heavy frost a couple mornings ago and everything looked simply dazzling. :) We, however, have hardly any snow left here at all!

  2. That's beautiful! We had fog with it freezing on our trees the last couple of nights too. It definitely was not as thick as yours though. God's so creative in His creation!


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