Saturday, February 11, 2012


The corn seed for the corn maze came this week.  It's amazing how God uses a pallet of corn to make a big field of it!

Isaac and Silas enjoyed the great outdoors again this week and brought home a nice catch of fish.  Sure is beautiful!

We had our state caucus' this last week.  I always find this such an enjoyable evening.  If our local caucus ran this country it would sure be a different place!  We do a couple of things, mainly vote for delegates to the county caucus' and vote on resolutions that anyone can put in.  The resolutions that pass go on to the county level, district and state and finally national level if they keep passing.  These resolutions are added to the Republican platform that basically is a document that says, This is What We Believe.  Hopefully candidates read it as well and use the ideas to pass good legislation.  We had resolutions pass such as: removing the US from the UN, keeping women out of combat, keeping us out of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, stopping funding for abortion including birth control pills that occassionally abort babies before a woman even knows she's pregnant.  Now, most of us realize these things will be almost impossible to pass as law, but it is important to talk about them and to educate those attending on the issues.  It sure brings up lively discussion and is a great place to meet neighbors and hash over the issues and leave good friends.

Yes, we had our straw ballot and Santorum won big in our state.  Ron Paul came in a pleasant second place. 

Amos,and Daniel helped Isaac this week putting up some new rafters in his barn.  Isaac is hoping to move his herd of cows over to his place this spring. 

Have a great weekend!

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