Monday, February 20, 2012

Twin Calves

Cute little twin heifer calves were born this last week. Blessing indeed!

We wait for the little one to be born to Naomi and Aaron.  We will let you know when it happens.  Please pray for her safety, the baby's safety, and an uneventful birth!  In all my years of married life, I don't think there's many more things as depressing as going overdue.  I know some ladies don't seem to mind, but I really had a hard time with it.  It is so nice to know that
even when we get impatient!  His timing is ALWAYS best.
That applies to all things in life!

Thank you for the nice comments about the dolls.  I do plan on making shoes for them when I have time.  Taking a break from dolls, I am working on making some reversible vests for boys - one side is denim western with sheriff badge, the other side an Indian / frontier look.  My boys had them when they were young and had fun with them so hopefully some other little boys will too.  I'll post a picture sometime.

Have a GREAT evening!


  1. Oooooooooh!!!!! They are sooooo CUTE!!!!!! Hope our mama cow is pregnant so we can have one of those later this year! :)


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