Friday, March 16, 2012

Trip to Tennessee

Since Arthur had school, and I'm not much of a driver, Isaac graciously drove Hosanna and I down to see Naomi and her family down in Tennessee.  He read lots of books and played ball with Esther.  Naomi would want you to know that we were going through clothes and that's why it looks like a mess!  We managed to organize all the girl clothes she had so it will be easy to find different sizes.

We planned our trip so we could be with Naomi while Aaron was gone.  It worked nice and Esther got so excited to hear Aaron talk on the phone.

Baby Anna is so sweet!  Isn't she adorable!!
Hosanna and Isaac both practiced their trick roping and Esther thought it was pretty neat.

Naomi and her two sweethearts! And just for the record, Naomi is feeling good and pretty much back to normal, at least as normal as having a new baby can be!  We also enjoyed visiting Aaron and Naomi's church. 

Esther is already taking after her Mommy and wanting to play piano.  It's so cute to watch her! Can you tell I'm a proud grandma? 

So, we had a good trip.  Aaron got back early and I had a funeral to attend so we came home a few days early.  The funeral, today, was for one of my highschool friends dad'. He was also my boss at a mink ranch during my highschool years until I got married.  Both he and his wife treated my sister and I really good and we have lots of great memories of those days.  As always, funerals are a good reminder of the brevity of life and the importance of being ready.  Meanwhile, Silas has lots of pictures building up on his camera so I'll try to make another post one of these days. 


  1. The pictures were really good! Both the girls are so cute!! We just moved to TN in Clarksville this past Summer. Glad you had a wonderful trip:)

  2. I have to say that I prefer the flat country up here! Those TN roads just aren't my thing! Isaac did take some back roads so it wasn't the freeway driving. Our real problem was getting off the wrong road in Clarksville. What a busy city!

  3. Sweet grandchildren! I will get to see mine in a few weeks! Tennessee....ahhh.....I miss that state. We used to head down twice a year or so, but lately haven't been able to do so. I'll bet it's as pretty as ever!

  4. Oh yes the traffic is crazy here. The main road off the hwy Wilma Rudolph is crazy! Im not use to such traffic where I come! I don't like to drive much here. People just act too crazy. I came from NC my whole life and I am used to slower paced life and small town driving and living and the traffic here in Clarksville is crazy!! I miss my NC home,but I am content though with where the Lord has my family at the moment. Just trying to live by "To be content in whatever state Im in" as it says in the word! God Bless!!

  5. Awww Naomi and her girls look so good and happy... :) Glad you guys got to see baby Anna!! Can't wait to meet her myself!!

  6. Great pictures! The girls are so precious! Hosanna, you are pretty good with that rope! Just wondering...were we right on the Jonathan Park answers?


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