Friday, March 2, 2012

You're all invited:

2012 Homeschool Tournament Day
                                      Tuesday, April 10th

8:30 - 2:45

Family Fundamental Church - 3 miles west of Warroad

Cost - Early registration by April 1st - $1 per student - Late fee - $3 per student. (please register early as this helps with scheduling and location of events.) The tournament costs more than we get so donations are accepted :)

Ages - There are three age groups -

Primaries (5-8 year olds)

Junior (9-12 year olds)

Senior (13-18 years old or whatever age you are when you graduate from high school)

Registration - Please register the following before April 1st:

Names and ages on tournament day of each student participating.
Events each child or family are participating in. Include elimination events, family events, and prepare ahead events. You do not have to include open events.
Just leave a comment if you're interested and I'll give you my email address.
Study Helps - Print these pages and go over them with your family. Encourage each child to try as many events as they have time for. Events will be set up as booths throughout the church. Take note of those events that need to be prepared ahead of time. Written events will be held before open events to give more children a chance to try them. Take note that Creative Writing and Essay Writing need to be turned in by the April 1st deadline. We will accept some late entries but earlier is preferred. You may email them, drop them off at our house or church, or mail them. With a lot of written entries like last year, this gives the judges more time to read and judge them.


Judges - We are looking for approximately 30 judges. Some events will only take 30 minutes to judges. Others may take a couple of hours. If you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible and what areas of events interest you in judging.

Awards - 1st-3rd place awards will be given for each age category with the exception of table tennis and baking categories. You must be present at the awards ceremony to receive your ribbons.

Parents - We would love to have you attend! If for some reason you would rather leave your competing students, that is fine too. You may want to leave an older child in charge of the younger ones. Please let them know that without a parent they will not be allowed off the church property without parents permission which we need to be aware of. We want your children to be safe with a busy highway and homes nearby. Please come to the awards ceremony at 2:00. Students not attending the awards forfeit their ribbons.

Also - Please pass this on to those you know that are home schooling and not on the WATCH list, both in and out of the area, that might be interested. The more involved the more fun it is!



Tournament Day Tentative Schedule

8:30 - 9:00 - Registration

9:00 - Announcements / Additions , Changes

9:15 - Events Begin with written tests, chess, pingpong, and checkers.

10:00 - Open events begin.

12:00 - 12:30 - Bring a bag lunch

1:30 Events close

2:00 - Awards program





Displays - Because younger children may need parents help, all ages will be judged together. These are great family projects! The displays will be judged in two categories - Person or Animal. Both categories will be awarded 1st - 3rd place. No more than one display per category per family please. They should be approximately 3x3 feet or smaller and made during this school year. Please put your name on the back of your display and not the front. You may include pictures, facts, items, a written paper, or whatever you choose.

1. People - Could include someone famous or a person in your family or anyone in history. Include what makes them special, when they lived, etc.

2. Animal - Can be any animal in the world. Include things unique to that animal, where it lives, what it eats, etc.

Baking - These will be judged in two categories with all ages and families judged together. Please do not put your name on your plate. All adults at the tournament will have the opportunity to judge these.

3. Cupcakes - Each family should bring three cupcakes of their favorite recipe on a plate. Judges will be looking for the best looking, best flavor, most creative, and best texture.

4. Fudge - Each family should bring five pieces of their favorite fudge recipe on a plate. Judges will be looing for the best looking, best flavor, most creative, etc.

5. Other - In-A-Hurry Recipe Contest - Most home school families are really busy. For this contest we want your family to write down your fastest meal recipe on a one sided card or piece of paper. What do you make when you have only a little time? We are looking for the meal with the most common ingredients, the time it takes to put it together, and how good it sounds. We are not looking for desserts or side dishes but main dishes that you can write in recipe form with exact quantities and clear directions. We will copy these for everyone at the tournament to take home if anyone is interested.



There will be two categories for chess and checkers events - Junior (5-12 year olds) and senior (13 and up). Note the age range in the Junior category is for all 5-12 year olds. Table Tennis will be for all ages together but only for those 12 and older.

6. Chess - All players will play at least two games. There are only two age categories for this event. Junior (5-12) and Senior (13 and up).

7. Checkers - Two age categories for this event, Junior (5-12) and Senior (13 and up).

8. Table Tennis (ping pong) - This is open to those 12 and older.


(primary, junior, and senior categories)

9. 2-5 Minute Speech - You will be give 2-5 minutes to give a short speech after introducing yourself and giving the title of your speech. This year your topic needs to be about an event in history.

10. Creative Writing - A short fiction story on the topic of your choice. We would like to have these sent to us or emailed to us by April 1st for early judging. Yes, we will take late papers with a $1 fee. Please include you name and age on the day of the tournament on each page of your story. May be neatly handwritten or typed. The page length is somewhat flexible but these are the minimums.

Primary Group - One page long

Junior Group - Two pages

Senior Group - Three pages

11. Essay Writing - A five paragraph essay on the subject of your choice. First paragraph is your intro, second through fourth paragraphs are your subject with the last paragraph your conclusion and summary. These also must be turned in by the April 1st deadline. We will accept late entries for a $1 fee. Please include your name and age on the tournament day on your essay. They may be neatly handwritten or typed.

12. Scenic Photography - Bring no more than 3 photos, 4x6 or larger, without a frame or mat. These should be some type of scenic photo with no people included on the photo. Editing is fine to do if needed and black and white or color is fine. Please write your name and age on the back of each photo.

13. Piano Solo - You will be playing a song, no longer than 5 minutes of your choice. Please bring three copies of your song for the judges to use while you are playing.


We will be doing the written tests before the open events to encourage more students to try them. All will be judged in three age categories.

14. Bible Quiz - 10 minutes - This 50 question, multiple choice, quiz will have questions taken from the book of Mark.

15. Math Quiz - Students will be given a sheet with problems and will be timed to see who can get the most problems correct in a three minute time period. Primary group will have simple one and two digit adding problems. Juniors will have simple adding and subtracting problems and seniors will have simple multiplication and division problems. These will be very basic problems that most students will know. It is more a test of their speed recall than how well you know how to do the problem.

16. Minnesota History Quiz - 10 minutes - Students will be given a 50 question, multiple choice test on Minnesota history.


You do not need to sign up for these events. Some of them you may do as many times as there is time for to improve your scores. There may be an additional event or two depending on the weather and the number of students and judges we have register for the tournament day. All will be judged in all three age categories.

17. Remote Car Race - You will be timed as you navigate a remote car around a track.

18. United States Puzzle - You will be timed on how fast you can put a large 50 state puzzle together in teams of two. You need to do this with someone else in your age category. If it takes too long, the judges may say, “Stop” to let others have a chance. You may want to practice this at home first.

19. Speed Stacking - This is done on a mat that times your speed. We will be doing the 3-3-3 sequence. It is easy to learn on the spot and you can see demonstrations of it online.

20. Word-In-A-Word Challenge - You will be given a sheet of paper with a long word or possible a couple of words. You will need to see how many other two letter words or more you can make out of the letters in that word or phrase. Example: The word could be BIRTHDAY. You will find words in it like, day, birth, bird, dart, etc.

21. Coloring Contest - You will be given a coloring sheet to color.

22. Lego Challenge - You will have a pile of small Lego blocks with eight raised bumps and one minute to see how tall you can make a tower out of them. You may want to practice this at home. You will be using a flat surface, not a Lego base.

23. Pencil Drawing - A picture will be posted. You will be given a paper and pencil to draw the picture.





  1. Wow this sounds really fun! Have you done this before?

  2. Yes we have. I think this is our 4th year.

  3. Hi Camille,
    I'm writing to ask if you know anything about Keepers/Contenders of the Faith. I'm in the thinking stages of starting something like that in our home. I just have to say, Rachel, it's funny that you're the other commenter hear seeing my post since we just finished FBing about this. :)


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