Monday, April 23, 2012

Convention / Cattle

Jeshua, Priscilla, Silas and Ronnie won the character award for the convention.  Way to go!
Silas pretty much hangs out in the chess room in a place like this.  There's never enough people willing to play chess according to him!
This is one of Silas' cows.  Since it was pretty young he has enjoyed jumping on and going for a walk.  I tell you, some of these beef cows look like they could milk almost as much as a dairy cow!
I thought this little calf was so cute next to her mother.  I love the circles around the eyes that match.  There's not many things more enjoyable on a farm than watching new little calves being born, getting up on their wobbly legs, learning to nurse, and then learning to run and play.  I also love how the mothers are so careful with their calves and often leave them lying in a protected spot while they go get a drink or eat.  Such obedient little calves they are as they stay put and wait for mama!

God is so good!  Even when things in the world seem like they are getting worse and worse, God still makes life go on, and gives us so many things to enjoy.  Have a wonderful day looking for these blessings God sends!

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