Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teen Farm Labor Regulations

I'm quite concerned over the new farm regulations the Labor Department is working on.  Especially regarding teens working on farms.  The new regulations woud mean that teens and children cannot climb higher than six feet on a farm.  They cannot work with farm animals or equipment.  Not even an exception for lawn mowers!  They can't even detassel corn under these regs!!  Sounds dangerous to me!  I realize many children and teens get killed each year on farms.  There are 21 deaths for every 100,000 of farm workers 15-24.  There are between 50-100 deaths each year in high school and college age sports.  Course there are probably millions of kids in sports.  I know people are concerned about the farmers who hire these teens, but I worry about the teens.  Instead of taking them off the farm, more need to see the farm! Farms have helped many children and teens develop good work ethics.  Farming is dangerous.  So is driving, walking on the sidewalk, living in a city, playing football, flying, swimming, boating, etc.  Apparently they will leave children alone whose parents farm.  No grandchildren or nieces and nephews though.  Most regulations will be for those 16 and under from my understanding.

I guess if this concerns you, please contact the US Department of Labor Secretary Solis and ask them to reconsider at least some of these regulations.  I know the American Farm Bureau would also like your comments as well as most farm organizations.

Sorry these are kinda jumbled thoughts!  If you do a search you can find a lot of information on this issue.


  1. I've been really concerned about this issue too!!!

  2. AMEN! I am greatly concerned as well. jep

  3. This concerns us too! I already contacted the powers that be with our opinion. It seems they just want our kids to sit around and be spoon fed so that they can indoctrinate them with socialist ideas. Thanks for letting people know.


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