Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cowboy Style - Singin',Preachin', Eatin', Workin', and Shootin'

First, we had a storm last night.  Not a nice rain storm, that we really, really do need, but a dust storm with strong wind.  Cowboy weather I guess.  You couldn't hardly see past our mailbox for a few minutes because of the dust and the wind took down a few trees.  One was over at Amos and Rebekah's which was on a power line and took their power out.  Another one was on our bull pen fence.  Yes, the guys and some gals got right out there to fix that one before the bulls got smart.  Wind also took down the slingshot booth at the maze.
Singin' - Those grandsons sure love singing The Lord's Army cowboy style!  God must be so thrilled to hear even the little ones praisin' Him!

Preachin' - This is one of Hosanna's chalk talk lessons she's working on.  When she turns the black light on, you can see the cross in the middle with it's reflection in the water.  Beautiful!  Anyway, the cross is what it's all about.  Christians get so sidetracked sometimes and forget the preachin' of the cross.

Eatin' - We've never done much grillin' but we're trying out some potential maze ideas.  Here Silas, the chef, is trying out some bacon wrapped hot dogs.  Mmm!  Very good! No, we don't eat a lot of hotdogs.  But these were good with the whole wheat buns Hosana made.(Yes, I know the garage needs paint! One of these days...)

Workin' - Miriam plantin' onions.  We're just getting started with planting garden.  Isaac's been working for a local farmer but took today off to help Silas build a corral to move some beef cows.  Arthur has two days left of school.  Wednesday will be petunia planting day in town.

Shootin' - Priscilla shot a "Robinhood" yesterday while doin' some target practice with her bow.  One arrow goes right inside another arrow and it ruined both arrows so she wasn't too happy about that.  Archery is one of the events both Silas and Priscilla will be doing at the International ACE convention next week.

Three posts in three days.  Amazin'!

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  1. Nice shot! My brother has shot the nocks off a couple of arrows, but never a perfect "Robin Hood" before! How many yards was that shot?


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