Monday, May 14, 2012

Graduation Day

Yesterday was Silas' graduation.  It went so good!  The grads all did their parts without flaw, the food turned out, there was enough, and lots of people came!  I tried to get pictures of everyone that came, and from them, and from memory, we figured there were about 192 people. (I know most of you don't care how many people were there but those that graduated might)

The happy grads!  Ashley, Tanya, Eve, Silas, Karen, and Elizabeth. 

Silas led a hymn and read scripture.  The girls sang, Karen played piano, Tanya gave a speech, Mr. H. had a message, and each of the dads prayed for their graduate as the parents gave them their diplomas.   We talked (at home) about how Priscilla was the only one left to graduate so she might just have to wait till she's thirty or something!  I don't look forward to having homeschooling behind us :(  I am very "proud" (a good proud) of Silas.  He's worked so hard, harder than most, to get to this day and I look forward to seeing what God has planned for his life.  I'm sure he has something extra special for Silas! 

We also had the pleasure of attending Nathan J. and Mae W. wedding on Saturday.  I don't know about your church, but in our church, it seems like everyone is family and on Saturday, I'm guessing we weren't the only ones that felt like this was our nephew or something getting married! What a sweet couple they are, mainly because they both love the Lord, and I also look forward to what God will do in their lives.  I would've posted pictures but I'll let the J. family have that privilege.

A few of us leave on Thursday or Friday for the International ACE Student Convention in PA.  With how busy we've been, mainly getting VBS stuff ready, I can't wait to get on the road!  Priscilla can hardly stand the wait!  Meanwhile, we need to get the garden planted, and a long list of other stuff, so we don't leave those at home with too much stuff to do.  Have a great day enjoying God's beautiful weather!


  1. CONGRATS Silas & Elizabeth!!! :) We did think about coming up for the graduation but then when we realized it was on Mother's Day we decided we should probably stick around home so we could spend time with our moms.....but we will get up there sometime this summer!!! :)

  2. Congratulations!We miss homeschool at our house!


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