Monday, May 7, 2012

Dependant on God

The field work is progressing at a nice pace.  We could use some rain, but with a few more fields to get in, it can wait.  Day after day rain is in the forecast but we just don't get it.  Guess we are following the same dry pattern we had last summer and all winter.  I wonder if people realize when they go to the grocery store, how dependant they are on God for the food on the shelves?  Even those that want the government to feed them, won't be fed if God chooses not to send rain.  Here Arthur is fertilizing about a week ago.  Since then,the leaves have really started coming out.  There is still some corn to plant and soybeans.  Yes, the maze is planted. 
Daniel and David discovered a new "toy" at our house.  A canoe! 

Thought for the day:  Did you ever notice how when you are working on an area of your life, you struggle with it more than you did before you started working on it!


  1. Interesting how those who don't rely on God rely on people who rely on God! He'll find them one way or another!

  2. Great pic. of Daniel and David! Daniel's face is so funny.


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