Monday, April 30, 2012

Silas Wants You to Know That -


  1. Congratulations Silas! And may Jesus bless your journey in Him! In Christ,
    Carra and family

  2. Yay Silas!! Sure wish that we could be there with you and celebrate! Follow the Lord and His paths for you! We love ya!
    The McCanne's

  3. Congratulations Silas!
    Sure wish I could join you for your special day, but I don't think it will work out...
    May God bless and lead you in the days and years ahead!
    Andrew B.

  4. Congratulations Silas!!! Well done! We pray the LORD's richest blessings for your life and we are excited to see how He will use your life for His glory. Remember Psalm 16:11. OH, how we wish we could be there!!! Any chance you will be coming this way the next weekend? Ben will graduate 5/20 at 6:00. We must find somewhere, sometime to make some more wonderful memories. We love you. hugs, jep and family

  5. As my brother, Andrew already said, "Congratulations Silas"! May God continue to show you the paths He has for you to tread...


  6. Congratulations! I'm sorry we won't be there :( I'm sure it'll go great and we're looking forward to seeing pictures.


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