Monday, June 25, 2012

Explorers Graduation

I think everyone at the explorers graduation ceremony tonight sure enjoyed seeing the young men (and a girl).  From their entrance greeting to the pledge to the receiving badeges and certificates, it was an enjoyable evening.  Isn't Silas handsome in his border patrol explorers uniform! (Mother's can say things like that!)  Anyway, I'm proud of Silas for working so hard at each of the things they did.    It's not easy being a young person in today's world  and things like this are so encouraging to these young people. 

Here Silas is getting his patrol badge put on by one of the border guards in our area.  Can you see the shine in Silas' shoes?  He sure worked hard to make them shiny!

Praise the Lord we got lots of hay baled today!  There's still lots more down and tomorrow looks good so hopefully we'll get more done.


  1. Congratulations Silas!!! Sounds like a wonderful training. He does look handsome:>

    What is "180"???


  2. Congratulations Silas!! What a great accomplishment!

  3. jep,
    "180", is a dvd by Ray Comfort it not only shares the gospel, but it also has a very convincing message against abortion. Mr Comfort strongly encourages the people in the video, to think outside of their normal routine, and get informed and then never give there vote to someone that is for abortion.


  4. Wow Silas! You look good in a uniform man! Congrats!


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