Saturday, August 18, 2012


The Explorers group came out this morning to help on the maze.  Thank you!!!! We've never had this much done so early!!  (Still a ways to go)  The guys put up flags which always makes it look so nice.

They also put in a "lifeboat".  Yes, I know it's not an authentic Titanic lifeboat but it will have to do and it will be a great photo op site, if you can find it in the maze!  They also did a lot of things with bales, signs, etc. That's my handsome cowboy in the hat!

The girls did a bunch of things on my list. Bagging maze photos to sell, making the rope maze, mini maze, etc.  Again, THANK YOU for your help!!!!!  My sister-in-law, Ellen, helped me start filling those store shelves.  Makes me just a little scared, like every year!  If you look in the back of this photo you can kinda see the tire dragon with his playball eyes.  Not sure whose idea that was but it looks kinda cool!

Have a great day tomorrow!!  Enjoy worshipping God in freedom!!

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