Thursday, August 16, 2012


"Busy" describes it all! 

* Going back a couple of weeks, the guys had a great time at DIBC.  No one got hurt too bad and they said the food was good!

*Miriam is keeping the garden proccessed with  her sisters help.

*The kitchen and pantry are piled high with maze candy, pop and water. (Almost embarrassing buying that much candy at Sam's Club!)

*The maze prep seems to go so slow even though we put in long hours.

*We've spent a small fortune on the maze.  Pray that people come!

*The wheat and oats are all harvested.  The guys are working on barley and some more hay. Oh the smell of the fresh hay!

*We had a new library book table last Sunday.  My favorite?  The biography, To Russia With Love.  This book is about former communist Russia (and other eastern Europe countries) and how the christians there have such faith.  Makes American chrisitianity seem like a game.

*Silas got to vote for the first time in the Minnesota primary.  He also got his "signed up for the draft" card.

* Priscilla says she's the "Lone Student" this school year. 

* Rebekah is due in just a couple of weeks!  Pray for her too!

*The petunias are looking so nice!  Must be the great weeding crew that God uses!

*The Explorer guys are coming out Saturday to help get maze stuff ready.  Yeah!

*The maze is probably all you'll hear about for the next two months so feel free to not read this blog for awhile!

*Time to get going.  Have a great day praising God for all his wonderful gifts to us!

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