Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy Days

(I think "Busy Days" is the title of a book our kids had when they were little :)  Anyway, my wonderful sister Kim lent me her new cookbook,  The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond.  I don't know about her tv show but I love her cookbooks!!  Anyway, this recipe for pico de gallo is in it and we've made it lots of time this fall.  You have to try it!  It has equal amounts of tomatoe, onion, and bell pepper in it.  Lots of jalepenos (we don't use too many), a good handful of fresh cilantro, salt, and lime juice.  (I've been using lemon because I like it better).  It is so good with chips!!  Even better than nacho cheese sauce.  We've also put it in pita bread and made some awesome guacamole with it.  With all the fresh garden stuff it's so easy! Anyone who has eaten at our house more than once knows we eat tons of nacho chips. (Their first meal at our house is likely to be spaghetti with delicious homeade garlic bread).  Chips make such a fast lunch on busy days and this is one great way to enjoy them!

Someone said one time that they'd like to see photos of the petunias when their full grown.  I'm afraid they looked thier best about a month ago and now they have started to die down.  Anyway, here's Miriam and I'm not sure whose hoeing way back there. Should be the last time they need weeding for this year.

Nathan M., Rebekah's brother, helped weed and here he is with Silas.  It's kind of a blurry picture but you can see them going down down along the highway.  Note how dry the grass is.  Partly because it's fall, but mainly because it is just so dry here.  They really did look nicer awhile back!

Our church had a nice baby shower for Gideon.  This picture makes him look so long but really he is just a sweet little guy!!  It was a very nice shower. 

Daniel celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday.  My how time flys!  Rebekah made a fantastic ice cream dessert with crushed sugar cones as the crust.

I wish we could post more often.  We are way too busy!  Sometimes I look at how long my to-do- list is and get so discouraged.  It's nice to know that God understands.  How many times did Jesus try to get away to rest from all the people?  Lots of times.  I know we don't have anywhere near the demands Jesus had on Him but I'm sure he understands being worn out and tired. 

Arthur is feeding silage to the beef cows.  Not sure what the guys are up to.  Priscilla is doing school.   Miriam is canning the last of our tomatoes into spaghetti sauce and Hosanna is making a few pear pies.  There are not many people who can make pies as good as Hosanna!  How beautiful she makes them look!   I made up a few batches of cranberry pear pecan jam.  Probably my favorite jam of all we make. 

It's Dairy Weekend coming up at the cornmaze so we've been getting some special things ready and it looks like the weather will be perfect.  So that's how it goes at our house.

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  1. It was Me!!! I wanted to see the flowers in full beauty! what a lovely touch to ad to an otherwise mundane road side!


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