Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Arthur and Corn Maze Post

We're still alive even though it's been awhile since we've posted.  We got a new little horse at the maze, Barney.  He is so good with the children.
Sometime late Saturday night / Sunday morning, a couple of people on 4-wheelers decided to charge through the corn maze.  It's not all as bad as this but it is pretty bad.  We did have the police out but there's not much they can do.  If a trail camera salesman came to our door  today he'd have some business.  So, guess what the family will be doing this afternoon!  We've had a lot of strong winds and they've been hard on the corn too.  Somehow theough, you still can't see through it and it's over our heads so its still fun to wander around in.  I kinda like it when the corn is dry because I like the 'rustle' sound it makes.

It was our special pumpkin party weekend and one of the things we did was have a seed spitting contest.  It was so fun!  Overall, things are going really good.   We've had a lot of people come and we only have two weekends left so the end is in sight!  Do the short, choppy sentences show how tired we are?!
Today is a very special day!
 Happy birthday, Arthur!!!
We all love you very much and appreciate all the hard work you do for us ! We appreciate how you lead our family in the way God would have us to go and how you never waver in your convictions and walk with God. (In other words, Arthur is about the most consistent man you will ever find!)

Isaac, Silas, and Priscilla are taking a short break this morning out on the lake, fishing. (With how dry it is, just the sight of water is refreshing!) Isaac is waiting for it to cool down just a bit before he heads west for sugarbeet harvesting.  Miriam is making more water balloons and Hosanna popcorn balls for a large group we have coming this evening.  Arthur is baling flax straw.  I'm posting and keeping one eye on Daniel and David who are here for the day.  Right now they're doing their favorite things to do at our house, play with legos and watch the lego Winston Churchill video.

Have a wonderful day in communion with God!


  1. That is too bad abou thte vandals. Why do people have to be so selfish!

  2. I/we always enjoy reading what you post on this blog, although I was sorry to read of yet another trouble-maker in your maze... I don't understand why some people think they have a right to ruin others' things? Sad.

    It would be very fun to make it out to your corn maze one of these years, but as you know, it is difficult to get away from a farm during this Season. :) Perhaps God will work it out someday though?

    Well, have a safe Autumn and enjoy the brief whiteness if you do get some. I'm trying to convince myself that it will be enjoyable to go out there and do the morning goat milking in the, yes, snow!

    Oh yes, and happy belated birthday to Mr. Krahn too.

    God bless, ~Cora


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