Friday, October 12, 2012

Old News

The snowstorm is old news and the snow is melted away but I loved these photos so I thought I better quickly get them postedMiriam and I couldn't resist going out in the maze just to say we did it in future maze years.  Brr!  It was cold and really hasn't warmed up too much since.

I really liked this picture of the Titanic "lifeboat" out in the maze because of the freezing water in the bottom of it.  Many of the Titanic lifeboats really did have freezing water in them so if you wanted a real like experience, this was it!  Silas was good and tipped the water out before someone really did try it!

We have such wonderful workers at the maze that I am home this evening in my warm house while they literally chill out the last Friday evening we're open.  So, what will we do when the maze is done?  Clean house!!!!  It's been neglected for so long that once again I will be making a very, very long list of cleaning things to do and we'll plug away on it till once again the house is clean! Quickly, before hunting stuff takes over!!  Ah, that is after we decide what to do with all the leftover things, take things down, and store stuff over at the maze.  The first thing we try to do is take down direction signs and flags so people know we're closed! 

Well, we didn't want you all to think we've gone on a long trip or something so here is our old news post!  Have a great evening and please do pray for our country and the upcoming election!

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