Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All Done!

The maze is all done for the year and so we celebrated by taking all of the workers bowling this morning and then out to Pizza Ranch for lunch. 

At some point they switched us over to blacklight bowling.  It was fun having the whole place to ourselves.

And here's the hardworking crew!  Thank you so much everyone!!!!  Everyone asks us how the season went.  We're happy.  It could have gone better because we had two not-so-good weekends due to weather, and there were the vandal problems but overall, it went good.  Yes, we're pretty sure what next years maze will be but it's still a secret!! 

What's next? We've cleaned up the maze yard and buildings.  They've started combining the corn although it's still too moist so it's on hold for now.   Other than that, well, I need to get all the maze paperwork done and ready for tax time but after that, Christmas shopping!!  There's not many things I love more than buying special things for my family! 

Well, have a wonderful evening and again, please do pray for our country that God would have mercy on us and forgive us.

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  1. Those "kids" have gotten so old :) Congratulations on another year done!


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