Wednesday, October 3, 2012


If I was Swedish, I'd say Uffda at the weather we're having!  I know this is a really poor picture but it shows the sky lit up last night with a fire in the distance.  The smoke is pretty strong smelling this morning.  Anyway, last weekend it was around 80 degrees.  Hot for this time of year.  The last few days have been hot too with very strong 40+ mph winds which agravated some fires that really got out of hand.  The fires aren't close to our house but there are some  houses(1/2 dozen or so) that have burned down about fifty miles from here and a few across the border in Canada.  So sad and I'm sure the firemen and guard members and pilots are getting tired so please pray for them and those that have lost their homes. 

That describes the last few days.  Today the wind is switching directions and it's suppose to start to rain later today.  Yeah!  We need rain so bad.  However, they are also forcasting 6-12" of snow!! Should make an interesting weekend at the maze!  The poor maze.  First the damge from vandals.  Then yesterday the wind blew a bunch of the stalks over and now it will get a blanket of snow.  You might want to pray for us too!  Isaac leaves today for sugar beet harvest. He'll be driving a semi so pray for his safety as well.  Meanwhile, Arthur is out trying to salvage any flax straw he can that didn't blow away for all of our customers that don't want their septic and plumbing to freeze up this winter.  I think that was a run on sentence :(

Have a great day!

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