Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Question for You All

Okay, I'm getting a flour grinder for Christmas.  I've never had one before and so I'm curious, what kind do you have at your house, if you do, and what do you like or not like about it?  Does anybody grind barley?  Any suggestions about the best place to buy one?


  1. Mom has a stone grinder that she's had for over 20 years.... Unfortunantly, I can't tell you very much about it, because everything written on it is in German. Hope you find one you like! :)

  2. I have a Nutrimill. It is the only one I've had and I'm happy with it. It is supposed to be a quiet model (for a mill) and has a capacity of 13 cups of grain, about 21 cups of flour. Today I was able to fill it 3/4 full and got enough flour to make four 9x5 loaves. It is adjustable to grind different grains at different textures and comes with an illustrated booklet to help you along. I've never done barley, but I have done wheat and rice. I can get a really fine flour for both of those. It grinds into a removable bowl. I have heard it has trouble with stones in the grain and may not last as long as some, but I have has no trouble in the three years I've used it.

  3. This is the grinder I have:
    I love it...but it's the only grinder I have ever used. I do wheat, but I have also done rice, oats, dried peas, and it works for most dry grains (barley too).
    It is electric, so I'm up a creek if we loose power in an emergency.
    It is adjustable but I only ever use the finest setting. Mostly I do white and red wheat and they both turn out fabulous.

  4. We use a Whisper-Mill (which isn't quite as quiet as the name implies) and like it very much. It grinds the grain into a much finer flour than our stone mill did. It has a selection too for how fine you want your grain ground. We've used it for many different kinds of grain, anything from the wheat family to corn and rice. I looked it up on Amazon just now and see that they must have been bought out by Wonder-Mill ( .....Just in case you needed another option to confuse you in what to buy. ;) Rarely, if your grain has too much moisture in it, the mill will plug up, but it only takes a few minutes and a knife or screwdriver to get it running again. Hope this helps!


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