Friday, November 9, 2012

Cilla's Trip Part Two

This is me (Priscilla) going up to a door with literature for Michele Bachmann. We went to five thousand doors, and left literature hanging on the door knobs. We also left some literature for Kurt Bills. If you didn't already know, Michele Bachmann did win. I think the worst part about the door to door stuff was when some one pulled into the driveway behind you. Then of course we had to talk to them in person. It was a lot of fun, and the staff at Generation Joshua was really great, they did every thing they could to make sure we had a good time. The staff there said that we were very encouraging because of our zeal, and we loved every minute of the work.

They had a big tub full of cell Phones, and when we first got there they gave us all one, and a handful of papers with lists of names on them. We were then told to find a quiet place where  we could  sit, and call down the list. I had been hoping that we would just have to call and play a recording, but we had to talk to people with our own mouths. It was pretty loud in the building, so it was not rare to see someone with one ear plugged, or a hand cupped over the phone. When I made that first call, I hoped that they wouldn't answer, but by the end of the first sheet I was enjoying myself. I even woke up the next morning with "Hello my name is Priscilla and I'm calling on behalf of the endorsed republican candidates just reminding you to vote tomorrow. etc. etc." going through my head. And Debbie, the girl in the above photo, dreamed about lit dropping. That's what we get from five days of campaigning!  

This was in another building that we were able to call from. I don't think I will ever be able to hang up on anyone ever again. (telemarketers that is!) After making that many phone calls and having that many people hang up on you, you start to feel bad for people who have to do that all the time. Once I started working on the phone I began to love it, and I think I was the only one left at the end who wasn't ready to quit. We did have a ton of fun with it once we got comfortable with it, we sometimes changed our names, and used the names of other people in the room. Some people even used fake accents. When we were actually talking to people we were serious, but when we were waiting for it to ring we had fun. The worst thing was when someone else got an answer at the same time as you and you both start saying the same thing in unision. That really threw me off a few times. One time I was sitting there, and Debbie answered her Phone, "Hello, my name is Priscilla." I almost burst out laughing while on the phone!

This was down the hall of one of the headquarters we worked at. It did get pretty loud. All six of our teams combined made, FIFTY THOUSAND phone calls, which was more then any of our congressional districts combined. We more then doubled their expectations for us. And It was awesome. We also did some sign waving at busy intersections. The thing that surprised me the most was how rude some people were on the phone, even republicans! If you are ever on the phone with a democrat, even if you disagree, Do Not say that you hate democrats. Elisabeth H. had someone tell her that, and we all had more rude people then we would care to admit. Over all it was a great trip. I'm not used to traveling without my family, so being in a strange place with strange people was hard, yet good for me. With Fifty Thousand phone calls and Five thousand doors, I'm sure we had something to do with Michele Bachmann winning! But I think the biggest thing that made her win was all of our prayer while working. We tried to pray for people while we talked to them, especially Democrats. If you're ever on a phone with a republican please say that you appreciate what they're doing. Very few people said that to us, but when they did, it really encouraged us. In closing, I just got to say, things look bad now, but the darker the world gets, the brighter Christians lights will shine. So don't get depressed, just keep fighting for what is right. We've complained enough about losing, now it's time to roll up our sleeve's and get to work again, For America.


  1. Way to go, Priscilla!! It's so cool you got to work with Generation Joshua!! We had a bunch of them in Sioux Falls several years ago helping us campaign for John Thune the first time he ran for Senate...they were great! :) I agree with you's so discouraging that we lost the presidential election as well as many other important races around the country, but souls are more important than politics, and we can't just sit around and mope for the next four years! Keep up the fight!!

  2. Glad to see other young christians getting involved, and standing up for what they believe! I can relate to your experience, as I spent ten days in Sioux Falls earlier this year in support of Ron Paul, doing much the same things you were doing. Had a good time working with fellow RP supporters, making a bunch of phone calls, and going door-to-door... You are right though, you do tend to run short on sleep! :-)
    Keep up the good work!
    Andrew B.


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