Friday, November 30, 2012

That's a Big Kitty!

Isaac was really pretty happy today to find a bobcat while checking his trapline.  It's the first one he's gotten and most people will never even see one even if they go in the woods a lot.
Pretty cool, Isaac! 


  1. That's awesome Isaac!
    The Senator I interned for a while back had a full-body mount done of a mountain lion he shot out in Montana. Check out some pics of it
    here and here
    It was pretty cool being able to stare at that big cat every day while sitting in the office :)

  2. VERY cool!! Are you going to mount it? :)

  3. I hope that is the one that was roaming around here! They probably don't cover quite that many miles though.

  4. Very cool! My husband saw one while hunting in Iowa. So interesting.


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