Wednesday, November 28, 2012

God's Protection

Not pretty.  Isaac was out in the forest doing some trapping when he ran into a semi / logging truck.  The roads were icy and the back of the car actually was the first to slide out in the way of the truck which spun it to hit the front.  Isaac says the road was really narrow, (think trail in the woods), and icy, and he was trying to move over to give the big guy room when the back end swerved.  Thankfully, Isaac was no worse for the experience, and they could hardly find a scratch on the big truck. The back end doesn't look as bad as the front.

Some of you might remember our last grey car.  The one that Amos rolled, (in the same woods as Isaac was in), the one that Arthur ran into a snowplow with, and the one that a guy from jail used as his getaway car. 

Anyway, I'm so thankful for God's protection as we live our lives!  We will probably never know how many times our lives have been spared.  I'm glad it wasn't worse and Isaac assured me that he's had enough close calls that it doesn't raise the blood pressure at all to get hit by a semi. Guess I better keep praying for their safety on the roads! I assure you, Isaac really is a good driver.  And one more thing, he did drive the car home.


  1. Glad he is OK. Maybe you shouldn't have grey cars. :) JNC

  2. Yes, praise God that he was safe!
    We are very grateful tonight as well for safety for Jacob, (for all of us really) as he very nearly got run over by a wild cow this afternoon as we were sorting cull cows off from the stock-cow herd. She was literally right behind him, with her head lowered, going 537 MPH, or something like that. Yikes! She is in Napoleon right now, waiting to be sold tomorrow. :)

  3. I second the gray car boycott. :) So glad he's ok!!!

  4. Actually, before Isaac did this, Arthur bought another grey (we call it silver) car at an aution!


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