Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's Going On Around Here

Okay, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but a nearby town had a light parade one evening and Priscilla and her friends really, really wanted a float so they could pass out 180 DVDs.  With no easy last minute ideas, we put together a nativity float.  Everyone liked the float and they passed out a lot of DVDs. Thank you, Karen, for the picture!

Well, the building has begun.  Ben H. has been a wonderful help as well as cousins that stop by and my father-in-law.  In order to get the roof slope we needed to shed snow, we had to go with shorter sidewalls.  I am quite excited! Our goal is to get it enclosed in before we get too much snow, which might be tomorrow.  Then we need to quickly get it wired and insulated, and the wood stove put in, before it gets much colder.  We went to the local window shed to buy some windows.  My what a difficult process!  There are so many gorgeous windows to pick from!  Not very many fit the size of our addition though, or our budget, so you might smile when we put them in at the ones we got!  The stranger the window the better the price so we got a "Lego Window" for the west side, and a normal glider for the north side., plus a glass door for the east side. The Lego Window is way too big but we are using it anyway because we couldn't find anything else.  The grandkids will enjoy the view from their height!

Meanwhile, Isaac is heading up the deer cutting.  We got six nice deer.  Three does, three young ones, and one bigger buck.  Isaac also butchered three cows so the meat shop is really, really busy!  Thank you to the nieces and nephews that helped cut yesterday!

We have the little grandsons here today so their parents can enjoy their anniversary.  Our legos keep them entertained for hours!  That and the Winston Churchill Lego movie that they watch almost every time they come over.

Well, that's what's keeping us busy.  Tonight we will peel potatoes for the large family get-together.  I love Thanksgiving!  It's such a good time to sit back and be thankful after a busy summer and fall.  God is so good.  Even when things seem to be messed up in the world, God is still faithful, and cares for us, meeting not only our needs but also so many of our wants. Of course the only true need we have is the gift of salvation!  Have a wonderful day, tomorrow, giving thanks to God for everything!

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  1. That is so exciting! We know what you mean about the strange windows- we were looking to replace a few of ours and had some good laughs envisioning our house with huge curved windows. One of these days the right ones will show up :)


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