Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Program

Sorry, "Other Side of the Family", I didn't get any really good pictures so I'm skipping to the Christmas Even program at church.  It was such a special night and like always, is a highlight of the Christmas season.  One of our favorite parts was the angel bell choir.  Miriam helped these little girls play "I Wonder as I Wander".   I was  nervous about them learning it before the program, but they did and it was so sweet!

Yes, I know the angels were men in the Bible, however, we have lots of little girls in church! I know the term "in church" isn't correct either, I really mean, our group, part of God's church, or body of believers and not our building we meet in!  And yes, we know Christmas isn't the actual day Jesus was born and that some people say it had a pagan beginning.  For us, it is a great time to commemorate the birth of Christ and share the news with those in our community.  Someday we may lose the freedom to celebrate this special day but for now, it is sure special to us.  For those that don't celebrate this season, that's okay too.  Do what you feel is right.
There was the traditional Christmas story with the cute shepherds and wisemen.  Sweet Mary and Joseph.  Caleb M. as Joseph sure looked a lot like his brother Ben with that beard and mustache! 
The adult choir sang a couple of songs and sounded so good.  We always joke in our house about what would everyone do if our family all decided to sing in the choir some year!  No, we may not all have the most angelic voices,  but somehow I don't think God cares.  Like everything, He wants us to sing for the glory of God no matter what we sound like.  When a "church" gets so professional that not-so-good singers can't feel free to sing, that "church" is probably going to have some real problems.  Speaking of singing, one thing I love about using hymn books as opposed to overhead music, is how you can read and hear all four parts.  Some Sundays in church you almost get goosebumps at how awesome it sounds!

The program started with the children singing a few songs and ended with the empty tomb and the reason why Christ came.  He came to save!  Amen!

A couple of days ago I celebrated another birthday.  My how they roll around so fast and I certainly don't feel as old as they say I am! Don't you think we should say how old we actually feel like we are instead of how old our birth certificates say?!!  It was a pleasant day surrounded by my family that I love so much.  I am so thankful for my children and good husband!  God is so good!


  1. Looks like it was a great program. I especially like that it did not stop at the birth of Jesus, but went on to tell the reason that he came - to save sinners! Praise the Lord! Thanks for posting all the great pictures! I enjoyed them.

    And happy birthday, by the way! :-) Yes, our God is good!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday Camile! May the LORD richly bless each of you in this New Year of life with Him. jep


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