Friday, January 4, 2013

This and That

Some people have asked us how the addition is going.  Well,  Arthur is really busy but  the girls helped him out the other day.  Priscilla cut some wood to put up in the ceiling to help with the insulating.  

Hosanna did some Great Stuff  stuffing of cracks to make it airtight.   I did a little cleaning up  in there today and helped Arthur with some tyvek stuff on the outside.  Anyway, it's going kinda slow but I'm trying to be patient!

Meanwhile, Miriam did a bunch of carpet shampooing today for her grandma and brothers.  The boys floor can get really yucky when you pile furs all over it and throw in a few barn clothes.  They did find time to head over to the rink east of here to play a little hockey until Isaac's knee went out again.  

The farm is going good.  One of Arthur's favorite things to do is help with calf deliveries.  He had a challenge the other day.  The cow seemed to be in labor for a long time without any progress.  As soon as he had time he checked it out and the calf was coming tail end first rather than head first.  Not good.  He pushed the calf back and grabbed one foot and pulled it out and then pushed it back and grabbed the other foot.  Now that he had to back feet he was able to pull the calf.  Both calf and mother are doing fine.

On New Years Day Arthur and I celebrated another anniversary.  Again, the years go so fast!

Well, I have things to do so I need to go.  Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Great Stuff is great as long as it isn't on you, LOL :) We are in the process of re-setting and sealing all the windows on the back of our house with Great Stuff, because the windows were not installed properly... So, yeah, we know Great Stuff at a highly personal level:)


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