Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Post for You, Naomi!

Naomi enjoys seeing the addition progress so here goes!  I would guess the rest of you reading this enjoy knowing what we're up to as well!  Amos and Rebekah and the little men came over yesterday so Amos could help with some wiring questions.  I'm afraid this isn't the greatest picture of him but what he's doing is writing Bible verses on the studs.  Everyone in the family wrote verses all over the studs and walls. I couldn't get Daniel to even draw on the walls.  He just knew it was wrong to write on a wall!  By the time we were done he said someday he was going to build a house and do the same thing.  Oh we must be careful what we do! One of the Bible Bee families built a new house and had their local group write verses all over it and we liked the idea and kinda felt it was a good way to dedicate this room to God. If anyone else stops by they are welcome to add a verse!

Here's Silas doing some of the wiring.  The original part of the house we live in is almost 100 years old and  they didn't add wiring to the house till the 50's.  There are so few plug ins and light sockets so it was so fun to put in lots of plug ins and light switches in this room.

The picture kinda distorts the angle of the wall but Isaac started putting up insulation and sheet rock. You can see we have short sidewalls and hopefully that won't be a problem. 

Meanwhile, the little men enjoyed playing with Legos.  I love watching Jeriah so intently studying pieces.

Our family has been watching the Way of the Master DVD's for family devotions and are so looking forward to opportunities to try out this method of evangelism.  Not that any method is easy. People don't always answer by the book!  Their needs and views are all so different but time is short and we need to reach out to the lost and leave the results to God.  Anyway, we recommend the series to anyone who wants to improve their witnessing skills.  We've also been singing through the old hymnbooks we have page by page. It's been really enjoyable learning some new songs that we really like.

The guys woke up to a water pipe that came apart in the barn and a lot of water on the floor. It took them a long time to clean it up.  So it goes.  Have a wonderful day knowing that our God is our Redeemer, Shepherd, Great Physician, Everlasting Father, and Savior!


  1. Thanks for the post and update on the addition. I hope things go well on the completion. Aaron

  2. It's looking good! During the construction of our church building people would write scripture on the studs when they were there working or stopping by to see the progress. For us it also served as a method of evangelism since we had many different crews come thru to help with things!

  3. Thank you for the post in my honor :) However, as I said, it's really Aaron that's interested in all the addition progress! Have a great day!

  4. It's always so nice to see progress taking place on one's house construction projects, isn't it?! Hope your addition continues to come along well! (And quickly, too. :)


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