Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Cattle Auction Story

On Saturday Arthur and I headed down to Winger, MN to sell some cattle.  The auction went as expected and we had a good time and proceeded to head further south to do a little shopping.  Such beautiful farm country down that way!  We sometimes feel a little alone up here and feel like all the farms have closed up shop, but not so, and we really enjoyed seeing farm after farm.  I'm afraid you can tell we live in very flatland because our ears were actually popping in them small hills! Anyway, we spent the night somewhere and visited two very encouraging churches on Sunday before heading home.

Meanwhile, one of the black beef cows we sold, a not-so-tame one, was seen wandering around Detroit Lakes.  Mmm.  Not good.  No idea how it got away from it's buyer although the police figure when the driver stopped or something, some prankster opened the gate and let it out. No doubt people tried to catch it but we have seen people try to catch a cow or calf before and you can't do it by chasing them!   You will not catch a skittish beef cow! Anyway, they couldn't find a farmer to claim it, and then Monday morning it wandered out on #10 and someone hit it going 65 in their car.  Totaled it, but the driver was okay.  Finally the police were able to trace the dead cow's eartag to our farm and we were able to give it the buyer's number so they can go to the auction people and track down who was suppose to have this cow. 

So that's how it goes.

We did so enjoy the two churches we visited.  One was down in Buffalo, MN.  Such a nice, fairly new little family friendly church.  We'll probably visit there again someday.  In the evening we visited a church that Arthur and I visited some in highschool when we taught with CEF in the summers.  They had the same pastor as back then so that was special and we so enjoyed their fellowship.  I've been to a variety of different public events but you never feel the fellowship like you do with other believers.  What a joy to walk into a strange church and feel at home right away because of being brothers and sisters in Christ.  Even if we may not all agree on things, there is our Savior Jesus Christ that we have in common and that instantly brings sweet fellowship.

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