Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homeschool Tournament

I've probably posted these pictures before  but I wanted to do a post about the 2013 Homeschool Tournament.  It's April 16th, starting at 9:00, and all homeschoolers are welcome to come!  We have 25 categories to compete in including chess, music, art, spelling, history, Bible, and more.   This is one of our family's favorite things to do all year even though we only have Priscilla left in school.   It's fun and we would like to invite everyone.  We could use some judges as well.  Anyway, if you are interested, email me and I'll send you the information.  artkrahn@wiktel.com   Chess was always our boys favorite thing at the tournament. The girls didn't do too bad either and this category has some of the toughest competition.

Hosanna judging the US puzzle contest.  There are three age groups so even the younger kids have a good time.

The remote car race.  There's a simple track to navigate the car through.  It seems like this is a favorite of the little boys.

Table tennis is always fun too, especially when you play two cousins against each other!

Amos always judges the senior chess category and so his family gets to comes along.  Daniel is enjoying one of the creative displays.

I love this picture of Daniel and David playing chess.  They look so serious and like they really know what their doing.  I would guess Amos will have them really playing chess before too long.

I'm also excited because our church got a website.  You can find it at www.familyfundamentalchurch.com .

Meanwhile, the guys are cutting up a cow today.  Miriam and Hosanna are off cleaning a lady's house.  Silas is plugging away on his computer course. Both Amos and I try to help him when we can.  It is so over my head!  Both he and I are so sick of computers!! Priscilla is trying to finish up a bunch of things so she can enjoy her upcoming trip. 

Have a wonderful day enjoying God's blessings!

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